Financial and Pre-IPO Planning Services to Enhance Your Future

While most firms start with investments, WRP begins with a plan that helps determine where you are, where you’re trying to go, and how you can get there. At WRP, there is no uniform process for each new client. We customize each plan and then drive it with evidence-based strategies. Don’t get lumped into a modeled portfolio and categorized into a bucket based on your risk score when you can get one-on-one consultation and a unique plan with WRP.

Our Services

IPO Stock Options

Evidence-Based Pre-IPO Planning & Strategic Post-IPO Guidance

Receiving company-issued stock options is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and proper planning during the pre-IPO process is crucial. WRP employs evidence-based pre-IPO planning strategies and will be there to provide expert advice throughout the IPO process as well as after your company goes public.

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation & Stock Options Planning

Combining tax services with investment and financial planning enables WRP to provide complete wealth management. Our experts help executives and employees in pre-IPO companies manage the tax consequences of their investments and guide them through the process of deciding when and how to exercise options.

Financial Planning

Financial Goal Setting, Implementation & Reviews

At all stages of wealth management, it’s essential to understand what you’re working toward. We’ll help you clarify your financial goals so we can forge a path to the future you desire. Your WRP advisor will meet with you regularly to ensure you’re staying on track to achieve your goals.

Investment Management

Commission-Free, Tax-Advantaged Strategic Investing

WRP is committed to the highest fiduciary standards and works on a fee-only basis to ensure our clients’ interests are always at the core of our advice. WRP considers your goals and risk tolerance as we formulate a personalized strategic investment portfolio while also helping you better understand the tax implications of your financial success.

Who We Are

Customized Tax, Investment, & Wealth Management Planning for Silicon Valley Professionals

WRP develops personalized wealth management strategies to mitigate the ongoing tax implications of company-issued stock options and build strong financial futures for our clients. The experts at WRP are experienced financial planners and have helped clients through the IPO process at some of Silicon Valley’s top companies.

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